19 Apr 2018

How to Avoid Mold Testing Scams | Bergen County Mold Testing

How to Avoid Mold Testing Scams | Bergen County Mold Testing

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Understanding how to avoid mold testing scams is helpful before hiring an NJ mold testing service to test your home for mold. Mold testing is supposed to reveal whether mold exists in a home. Furthermore, when testing uncovers the existence of mold it is then determined how widespread its existence is. Understanding the mold testing process is essential to avoiding scams. Contact Certified Mold Testing LLC, a reputable mold testing company in Mahwah NJ that can ensure honest, reliable, and detailed testing.

What Should You Expect?

Mold testing is necessary to ensure that you know whether mold is present, what kind of mold is present, and where it is present in your home. An example of a scam would be having a contractor walk into your home, look around, and inform you that mold exists. The contractor may even point out visual mold in your home. The problem with this is that there are specific tests for mold. Seeing it is fine, but you, as the homeowner, want to receive a report that outlines the existence of mold. This would include listing the types of mold as well as determining whether hidden mold and airborne mold is present. A simple visual inspection will not provide this.

Another important thing when looking to hire a qualified New Jersey mold tester is to avoid a company that offers both testing and remediation. Testing is one thing, remediation is a different process all together. When a company does both, you have no way of knowing whether the inspector is informing you of mold just to get your business for their remediation services. Using an unbiased mold testing service helps you get a clear picture of whether you have mold or not. Because the mold testing service does not benefit off of the fact that you may have mold, there is no reason to steer you in the direction of remediation unless necessary. The typical procedure would be to hire a mold testing company, hire a remediation company, and then get your home tested again to make sure the mold has been completely eradicated. When a company does the testing and the remediation it will always say the mold has been cleared.

Understanding experience is important when it comes to your home. Your home is a big investment and your family’s health is also tied up in this investment. Get the credentials of any Bergen County mold testing service you are considering. Reputation and licensing are essential.

Learn more about mold testing and how to avoid mold testing scams

Contact Certified Mold Testing LLC today to learn more about mold testing in NJ and NY. We will help you understand the basics of mold as well as what is involved in the mold testing process. Let our knowledge and experience help you discover whether mold exists in your home. Certified Mold Testing Service NJ-NY LLC is the premier mold testing service in New Jersey and New York. We welcome the opportunity to help you understand how to avoid mold testing scams.