09 Apr 2018
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What Does Mold Typically Smell Like? | Bergen County Mold Testing

What Does Mold Typically Smell Like? | Bergen County Mold Testing

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What does mold typically smell like? Well, the answer is not cut and dry. Mold often has a musty smell, which should not be ignored just because you can’t see the mold. However, many molds do not secrete an odor. As such, the odor might be a hint that mold exists but the absence of odor does not mean that it doesn’t. The best way to uncover the existence of mold is to contact NJ mold testing service.

Mold creates gasses as it grows and spreads. The gas typically has a musty smell that accompanies it. This can also be familiarized with the smell of a damp area, smell of a dusty area, or an aged home. The mold can skew the smell of the surface on which it is growing as well.

What does it mean if I smell mold?

If you smell mold, or think you smell mold, contact the expertise of a Bergen County mold testing service like Certified Mold Testing LLC. An experienced mold tester knows what to look for and how to discover mold. Just remember, mold can be tricky, it can be visible or hide, smell or not smell.

Mold produces gasses called microbial volatile organic compounds (MVOC). Many of these gasses are odorless but some have a musty odor, the smell typically associated with mold. Mold often grows in hidden places, like inside walls, under carpets, and inside heating and ventilation ducts.

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