24 May 2018
NJ mold testing

Mold Testing Process: What Mold Testing Professionals Do

NJ mold testing

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The mold testing process depends on whether you are doing it yourself or hiring an experienced NJ mold testing service. The EPA recommends hiring a professional. Understanding how the mold testing professionals work will most likely make you want to follow the EPA’s advice and hire a professional mold testing company. An experienced Bergen County mold tester will be able to explain the process so that you understand what to expect.

So, What Exactly Do Professional NJ Mold Testing Companies Do?

The testing process starts with a visual inspection. Visual inspections are important to finding where mold is and where it originated. However, mold is oftentimes hidden in hard to reach & see areas. So, while a visual inspection is important, there is much more to testing for mold.

In order to find mold that may be hidden, there are 4 processes:

  1. Air Testing For Mold

    Testing the air for mold spores is essential to a mold inspection. Mold spores in the air are not only just a sign of a mold issue in your home but can cause severe health issues for you and your family

  2. Surface Testing For Mold

    This includes swab samples or tape samples of a surface that will be sent to a lab for analysis.

  3. Bulk Testing For Mold

    Bulk Testing for occurs when there is a large section of mold that cannot be identified. Bulk Testing involves taking a piece of carpet, drywall or tile out of your home and sending to a lab for further analysis

  4. Culture Testing For Mold

    Culture testing involves obtaining a sample and allowing it to grow into a larger culture in order to discover the type of mold that is in your home. This is often performed in cases where the type of mold is not clear.

A professional has the experience to know what testing is required. It is essential to be thorough when mold varieties that affect health are discovered. Contact Certified Mold Testing LLC is your Mahwah NJ mold testing service of choice!

An experienced mold testing service has access to a number of tools for collecting samples. But, the mold testing process can be different from company to company but is perhaps the most different between do-it-yourself kits and hiring a professional. Understanding the risks of mold is important. Mold can spread without notice and can affect the health not only of your home but its inhabitants. In addition, when mold is discovered and remediated it is important to make sure you have also dealt with the root cause of the mold. For example, if the mold was caused by a leaky foundation it will keep returning until you have fixed the leaking.

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Contact Certified Mold Testing LLC today to learn more about the importance of mold testing in NJ and NY. We welcome the opportunity to help you understand what is involved in the mold testing process. Let our knowledge and experience help you inspect your home for mold. Certified Mold Testing Service NJ-NY LLC is the premier mold testing service in New Jersey and New York.