13 Jun 2018
NJ modl testing

Mold Testing Before Remediation A Must

mold testing before remediation

Certified Mold Testing NJ – NY LLC, mold testing experts

Mold testing before remediation is a must.  While many people consider this an obvious point it is still one worth reiterating. Understanding the role of testing and the role of remediation is an important part of the mold removal process. Your Bergen County mold testing company of choice, Certified Mold Testing NJ – NY LLC, will prove to be an invaluable resource to an unwanted issue.

Why mold testing first?

If you have seen signs of mold you want to understand how widespread the issue may be. The funny thing about mold is that the visible mold is simple but there is invisible mold that can be everywhere without you knowing it. Visible mold can be seen in bathrooms, under sinks, and sometimes on walls, for example. Invisible mold can be in the air you are breathing without you even knowing it.

What will mold testing determine?

Mold testing will uncover if mold exists, where mold exists, and how much mold is present. This is an essential element to eradicating mold. After all, you can’t get rid of it if you don’t know it exists! Understanding the types of mold that are present as well as where mold exists in a home is essential. A certified NJ mold testing company will provide a detailed account of the type of mold present as well as how widespread the issue is.

Why choose a NJ mold testing company?

Some home owners wonder about using a remediation company for the entire process, testing and remediation. After all, there could be money to be saved with one stop shopping! It is highly recommended however, to hire a New Jersey mold testing service to test a home for mold prior to remediation and separate from a remediation company to keep the process above board and hold your best interest in mind. Mold testing after remediation is equally important.

Mold testing before remediation is a must

Contact our team at Certified Mold Testing NJ – NY LLC today to schedule mold testing for your home. We welcome the opportunity to update you on the three step process and help ensure that you understand the health of your home. Testing, remediation, and a follow-up test are essential to treating a mold issue in a home. Let our knowledge and experience serve as your guide to mold testing in Bergen County.