15 Jul 2019

Summer Heat Brings Ideal Growing Conditions for Mold in NJ Homes


New Jersey Mold Testing

Summer heat brings ideal growing conditions for mold in NJ homes. Mold and mildew thrive in damp conditions and humidity can create the perfect environment. Summer in New Jersey means high temperatures and lots of humidity. In other words, summer offers mold the opportunity to thrive. So, what can you do to reduce opportunities for mold growth? A good first step is to find out whether mold is already growing. Certified Mold Testing, LLC, an experienced NJ mold testing company, can determine whether mold exists in your home.


Can You Stop Mold From Growing in the Summer Heat?

Of course you can! If the Bergen County mold inspector does not find mold in your home you can take steps to continue keeping your home free of mold. A great first step is to keep moisture to a minimum. Summer is the time of year for damp bathing suits and towels laying on the bathroom floor. Every member of your family needs to hang up bathing suits and towels and not leave them lying around. Additionally, any water that is tracked in needs to get dried up immediately. Another important task is to keep an eye on the air conditioner. Air conditioners tend to develop condensation and keeping this moisture dried up is necessary. In simpler terms, if you notice moisture in your home it is important to dry it as quickly as possible!

What if Certified Mold Testing Finds Mold Growing?

Humidity is rampant at this time of year and there is a chance that mold is growing in your home. If a New Jersey mold tester finds mold growing in your home then your next step is to eliminate the mold. The type of mold and location of mold will serve as a blueprint for a mold remediation company to exterminate the mold from your home. After the mold has been removed it is recommended to hire a mold testing company to test your home again to ensure the job was completed entirely.

Learn More About Mold in NJ Homes

Contact our team at Certified Mold Testing NJ today to learn more about testing for mold in New Jersey. We welcome the opportunity to help you learn more about mold and the signs of mold. Certified Mold Testing, LLC is the premier mold testing company in the New Jersey area, located conveniently in Mahwah NJ. Let our knowledgeable staff uncover whether mold exists in your home and, if it does, just how widespread the issue is. Keep your eyes out for mold and remember that Summer heat brings ideal growing conditions for mold in NJ homes!