15 Aug 2019

NJ Mold Testing Question: Can Mold Cause Health Issues?


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This week’s NJ mold testing question is: can mold cause health issues? The simple answer is yes, mold can cause health issues. However, mold does not always have an effect on a person’s health. Additionally, some people are more susceptible to mold than others. An awareness of the symptoms could even help a homeowner discover the presence of mold in their home. A New Jersey mold testing company like Certified Mold Testing can determine whether mold exists in your home.


How Can Mold Affect Your Health?

The way that mold affects your health could be as simple as sneezing, like many allergies, or as complicated as getting into your respiratory system. Respiratory issues are most common with those who suffer from asthma. However, a respiratory infection can take hold in anyone. Left untreated these infections can become worse. While health issues associated with mold may appear like an allergy at first, if you pay attention you will notice that the symptoms do not disappear.

Pay Attention To Symptoms

Symptoms of mold can include rashes, headaches, stuffiness in the nasal passages, wheezing, and itchiness in the throat. If symptoms disappear when you have been away from your home for a while and then reappear when you are back at home, you have a sign that mold could be in your home. Persistent symptoms mean that you should check in with your doctor and an experienced Bergen County mold testing service.

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