30 May 2019
NJ modl testing

Professional Mold Testing vs. DIY Kits | Bergen County Mold Testing Service

NJ modl testing

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When it comes to NJ mold testing, the professional process is different than the do-it-yourself process. As one would expect, a professional mold testing service takes a more in-depth method. While it is certainly possible to test your home yourself, it is highly recommended to hire a professional. A do-it-yourself kit is simple to use yet may not be capable of detecting hidden mold or different varieties of mold. An expert New Jersey mold testing company like Certified Mold Testing LLC will reveal the presence of mold, type of mold, and its exact location(s) in your home.

What Do Professional NJ Mold Testing Companies Do?

The testing process begins with a visual inspection of your home. This is a critical first step in the process but by no means all-inclusive. Finding signs of water damage, leaking, or flooding can help point to where mold may exist. Likewise, actual mold may be seen during the visual inspection. However, mold can easily hide and therefore a visual inspection is not enough. Hidden mold will require complete testing that includes 4 steps.

The 4 steps of testing for hidden mold include:

Air Testing – mold reproduces invisibly and mold spores are often floating in the air. Testing the air in your home is important as breathing in the invisible spores can lead to health issues.

Surface Testing – samples will be taken through swabs and tape to discover whether mold is growing on different surfaces in your home.

Bulk Testing – this may involve cutting pieces of drywall, carpet, or upholstery to see the extent of mold that appears to be growing in areas of a home.

Culture Testing – culture testing reveals the type(s) of mold growing in your home.

Professional Bergen County Mold Testers Know What To Do

The professional mold testing process is extensive and an experienced Bergen County mold tester will know what tools are needed. While a DIY mold testing kit may help you discover mold within your home, it is important to understand the extent of the damage, type of mold and impacts this mold may have on your home. These aspects are not covered with a DIY Mold Testing kit. It is also important to note that the EPA recommends hiring a professional when you suspect mold is growing in your home. Mold can impact the health of a home and its inhabitants and should be taken seriously.

Learn More About NJ Mold Testing

Contact Certified Mold Testing LLC today to learn more about mold testing in NJ. We welcome the opportunity to explain the mold testing process. Let our knowledge and experience help you with all of your mold testing needs. Certified Mold Testing Service NJ, LLC is the premier mold testing service in Bergen County, New Jersey.