24 May 2019
NJ mold testing

NJ Mold Testing Advice: Test For Mold After Remediation!

NJ mold testing

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The best NJ mold testing advice you can get is to make sure you test again after remediation. Discovering mold in your home can be disappointing. And when the problem is widespread it can be frightening. After all, what is more important than the health of your home and your family? An experienced Bergen County mold testing company like Certified Mold Testing, LLC can help you determine whether mold still exists within your home.

Why Test For Mold After Remediation?

A mold remediation company is hired after the initial mold testing has been conducted. The initial testing will provide information that includes the type(s) of mold present and where the mold is present. The mold remediation company will take this information and use it to remove, or remediate, the mold. You may now wonder why you need to test again. The reason is simple. You want to make sure all of the mold is gone! Mold is not easy to get rid of and just a few spores can quickly grow again. Testing after remediation ensures that all mold has been removed!

Homes are filled with places for mold to hide. While some mold may be visible more could be hiding. This includes in walls, under carpeting, and in the air among other places. Mold remediation experts are excellent at their jobs but the process is challenging. Testing after remediation is necessary to ensure all mold, especially the hidden mold, is removed. If mold is still hiding the problem can once again become widespread.

How Long After Remediation Should You Schedule Mold Testing?

The ideal time to test your home for mold is 48 hours after the remediation has occurred. While you can certainly do it after the 48-hour mark you should never do it within the first 24 hours. Post-remediation testing is a critical part of eradicating mold from your home.

Don’t Rely On The Remediation Company To Test For Mold

For both pre-remediation and post-remediation, it’s in your best interest to keep remediation and testing services seperate. Unfortunately, mold testing by remediation companies can become a conflict of interest. Remediation companies typically aim to find mold in order to be removed whereas a mold testing company aims to tell you whether you have a mold issue and the extent of its damage. By keeping these services seperate, you can be sure that you are receiving the most comprehensive and honest service.


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