30 Apr 2019
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Bergen County Mold Testing Advice: Be Aware of Mold Testing Scams

Bergen County mold testing

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Bergen County mold testing advice includes the warning to be aware of mold testing scams. “Do it yourself” always sounds great, until it isn’t. Likewise, not everyone is up to the task of mold testing. An awareness of what mold testing means is important prior to hiring anyone to do the job, never mind undertaking the testing yourself. Certified Mold Testing Service NJ LLC is the premier mold testing service, answering all of your questions and ensuring access to the expertise you need.

Importance of Mold Testing

Mold testing is necessary to uncover whether mold exists in a home. Furthermore, its existence needs to be quantified. A homeowner needs to know how widespread its existence is and exactly where in a home it is located. When mold is suspected it may already be running rampant. Hiring an experienced NJ mold tester ensures that you know if mold exists.

A New Jersey mold testing service will discover what kind of mold is present in your home and where mold is hiding. This is done with effort. If someone walks into your home, looks around, and tells you mold is present then you are probably being scammed. When a home is truly tested for mold a report will be delivered. The report will tell what types of mold were discovered, pinpoint where it was discovered, and indicate whether airborne mold is present, among other items. A mold testing scam would not indicate such specifics, nor would the scam use the necessary testing tools.

Use NJ Mold Testing Service That Does Not Tackle Remediation As Well

Another potential scam is hiring the same company to do both mold testing and mold remediation. A company may want to capitalize on your misfortune by testing and remediating. In this instance, you may not ever know whether mold really existed or whether it was really remediated. Using an unbiased mold testing service is essential.

The bottom line is that when you suspect mold in your home you will need an honest and experienced NJ mold testing service to come in and test your home. A healthy home is important for a healthy family. Make sure to get the credentials of any New Jersey mold testing service you are considering hiring. Licensing and reputation matter!

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Contact Certified Mold Testing LLC today to learn more about mold testing in NJ. Let us answer all of your mold-related questions. Our knowledge and experience help you with all of your mold testing needs. Certified Mold Testing NJ, LLC is the premier mold testing service in New Jersey, offering Bergen County mold testing advice you can count on.