08 Nov 2017
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New Jersey Mold Testing Experts | Can Bleach Kill Mold?

Can Bleach Kill Mold ? | New Jersey Mold Testing Experts

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New Jersey mold testing experts are often asked, can bleach kill mold? The answer is both “yes” and “no.” The ability for bleach to kill mold actually depends upon the surface. Bleach is a great killer of mold on nonporous surfaces. But, on porous surfaces bleach cannot eradicate mold. Your NJ mold testing company will determine where mold is growing in your home. When you know where it is you will be better positioned to know how to eliminate it from your home.

Bleach is an obvious choice for people as a cleaner and a germ killer. Many people think about bathrooms when they think of mold. Likewise they think about reaching for the Clorox to eliminate this mold. This is a great option for hard surfaces like stone, porcelain, glass, and granite. This is not a great option for wood, wallboard, paper, or fabric surfaces. The good news is that there are alternatives to bleach that are effective at killing mold. Vinegar is one such alternative.

When mold is discovered by a Bergen County NJ mold tester a homeowner wants to get rid of it. As a result, mold remediation is an important step after mold is discovered in a home. If mold is limited to a small, controlled and visible area in your home you may be able to eliminate it yourself. However, if the mold is more widespread you will want to hire a remediation company.

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