22 Nov 2017
NJ Mold Prevention Tips | Certified Mold Testing NJ

NJ Mold Prevention Tips: Check Humidifier, Plumbing, More

When it comes to preventing mold in NJ homes checking the humidifier and the plumbing is a great place to start. Mold grows and thrives in damp conditions. As a result it is crucial to limit the moisture inside of a home. If you don’t know where to look get in touch with a Bergen County mold testing expert from Certified Mold Testing NJ – NY LLC.

Whether you have a humidifier or a humidification system in place you should have it checked periodically. A humidifier creates humidity in a home and as such is a moist environment. This is where mold likes to grow. A humidification system will come with filters and these filters need to be replaced consistently. A humidifier should be emptied and dried from time to time as well. A NJ mold testing company can ensure that mold is not growing in your home’s humidification system.

Plumbing is another center of dampness in a home. Fixtures should be examined periodically to ensure leaking is not occurring. It is also a great idea to check under sink cabinets and around sinks and showers. Pulling a dishwasher or washing machine out once a year is a wise idea as well. Make sure hoses are still well connected and not leaking.

You can make a difference in your home by keeping an eye on wet areas. The basement is yet another great place to examine. If your basement is prone to pooling water during rainy weather you may want to look into preventing this from happening. There are experts that work to keep water from seeping into your foundation. Likewise you want to make sure your door and window seals are not allowing moisture to creep into your home.

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Keeping moisture at bay is the best way to prevent mold from appearing and growing in NJ homes. If you suspect mold is growing in your home contact our team at Certified Mold Testing to check your home. Knowing whether mold exists is the first step toward eliminating it.

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