26 Feb 2021

Will Mold Testing Be Included In A Home Inspection?


Mahwah NJ Mold Testing


Most home inspectors do not test for mold. If mold is present and visible, a home inspector will probably suggest hiring a mold testing service. If no mold is detected, then most likely there will be no test. Most home inspections include basics that are visible. Mold is usually hidden and not obvious. If a NJ homeowner knows that water damage has occurred recently, then in addition to a home inspector, they might wish to avail themselves of the services of Mold Testing NJ-NY. Generally speaking, home inspection does not include mold testing.


Can Mold Testing Be Included In A Home Inspection?


Mold Testing can be included in a home inspection if the inspector is certified to test for mold. This is not the rule, but the exception. Most typical home inspection does not include mold testing. Mold Testing NJ-NY does however work with local home inspectors to test for mold if they suspect it might be present.


What To Do If Mold Is Found


Home Inspectors do an excellent job gathering basic data, but if unusual issues are discovered, experts need to be called in. Mold is a health hazard and it needs to be remediated if present. If mold is suspected, a mold testing service is called in. Mold tests reveal the presence of mold, the type of mold and the extent of the problem. To get rid of it requires a mold remediation expert.


Get Help From A Professional Mold Testing Service


To learn about mold testing in NJ, call Mold Testing NJ-NY. We work with local home inspectors in Bergen and Passaic Counties of NJ as well as surrounding NY areas. Our experience testing for mold can guide you toward the best way to ensure the health of your home. It is our aim to make homeowners aware of the presence of mold and the best way to get rid of it. Give us a call today at (201) 658-8881