18 Feb 2021

What Is Indoor Air Quality?


Mahwah NJ Indoor Air Quality Testing



Indoor Air Quality Inspections are to determine the status of the air surrounding you and your family in your house. Many times the air we breathe can be polluted. Allergies and respiratory issues, leading to long-term health conditions can be the result of living with air that has pollutants. Mold Testing NJ-NY tests your air for Volatile Organic Compounds, Mold-based Volatile Organic Compounds, Formaldehyde and Particulates. We will offer a report to determine whether you need remediation, or confirm that your air is safe to breathe. There is no conflict of interest as we do not remediate, we only inspect and test.


Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) Definitions



Volatile Organic Compounds are gases that stem from certain solids or liquids. VOC can include different chemicals, some present short term adverse health effects, others long-term adverse health effects. Concentration of these compounds are higher indoors than outdoors. Mold Testing NJ-NY will routinely test for VOCs.


MVOCs or Volatile Organic gases emitted by actively growing mold. These gas levels should be measured in order to determine the level of active mold growth in hour home. An air survey determines the levels of mold growing. Mold Testing NJ-NY will routinely test for MVOCs.


Formaldehyde is an organic air pollutant comprising carbon, oxygen and hydrogen. It is normally present in outdoor air, but the concentration of formaldehyde indoors usually is higher because of its sources. Mold Testing NJ-NY will routinely test for Formaldehyde.


Particulates are a mixture of solid and liquid droplets floating in the air. Some particulates are released directly from a specific source, while others are formed by chemical reactions in the atmosphere. Mold Testing NJ-NY will routinely test for Particulates.






You should call Mold Testing NJ-NY because:

1. We are well reviewed by other Bergen County home owners.

2. We are able to work around your schedule.

3. There is no conflict of interest when working with Mold Testing NJ-NY – we only offer Indoor Air      Quality inspections and advise about your options.  We do not remediate.


Indoor Air Quality Testing is Important


For the health of your family and yourself, Indoor Air Quality testing is essential. A test of your Indoor Air Quality can make you aware of the hazards within your home and find a solution to the cause of allergies and respiratory issues. These hazards going unchecked can lead to severe reactions and serious illness. Call Mold Testing NJ-NY today for an Indoor Air Quality test. We can be reached at (201) 658-8881.