24 Aug 2022

How Do We Investigate For Hidden Mold in NJ?Hidden Mold Investigation Mahwah Bergen County NJ

Although mold can sometimes be seen or smelled, the fact is that most mold is invisible. Finding it and determining the extent of mold growth is what we do. When mold forms it generally reproduces, and this is not visible to the human eye. Hidden mold can lead
to health issues for yourself or a member of your family. The investigation of hidden mold in NJ is a job for a Mold Testing Service such as Mold Testing NJ-NY. We’re based in Bergen County, NJ, and we have a locally experienced process for inspecting mold in the various town properties.

How Do You Know If You Have Hidden Mold?

Sometimes you can see the beginning of mold growth, sometimes, you can smell it but can’t
see where the smell is originating. Mold clings to the back of wallpaper, inside of
drywall, under carpeting, and in the ceiling. Generally, anywhere that has been exposed
to moisture. Finding the mold requires patience and expertise. Allowing mold spores
to be released into the air is what causes health issues. If you feel you have a mold
problem, it is best to call a mold testing service and let them investigate. Mold
Testing NJ-NY is professional and will use the proper equipment to identify mold and
leave it undisturbed so that it is not released into the air. A mold remediation
service will then clean up the mold and hopefully leave your home mold free.

Call In A Hidden Mold Professional

Hidden mold should be investigated by a professional. Mold Testing NJ-NY has
experience in the process of investigating hidden mold, finding it, identifying
it, and advising you on how to get rid of it. If you are concerned about a
possible mold formation in your home, call us for an investigation of hidden mold in
your Bergen County, NJ home. We can be reached at 201-658-8881.