18 Jul 2022

Mahwah NJ Mold Testing Services

Heat and Moisture


We all know New Jersey summers can be hot and humid. Ideal conditions for mold to form.
Anywhere in your home where moisture is allowed to stand is a place where mold will develop
and spread. Mold Testing NJ-NY is a certified mold testing service who advises that you
can survive a NJ summer without mold by following a few useful suggestions. We are located
in Mahwah and serve all of Bergen County and nearby areas.  Below are a few Mahwah NJ mold
testing tips for summertime.


How Does Mold Present Itself?


Mold can be black, colored, or sometimes not visible at all. Sometimes it has an unmistakable
odor. Places where mold most often forms are in laundry rooms, around refrigerators, around
air conditioners and in bathrooms. When you see mold you can try to clean it up with bleach,
but usually it has already spread and is now invisible. Mold reproduces and spores are not
always visible. Engaging a mold testing service is the surest way to determine if mold is
present and how widespread it is. Mold Testing NJ-NY tests surfaces and the air for mold and
then recommends the best way to get rid of it. We may suggest remediation.  We will suggest
mold testing summertime tips to Mahwah NJ and all Bergen County homeowners.


How Can You Prevent Mold From Forming?


There are ways of trying to control the formation of mold. It is advisable to never let
wet clothes and towels lie in a heap on the floor. Keeping an eye on pools of water standing
underneath refrigerators and air conditioners is advisible.  If you see this, wipe it as dry as possible
as quickly as possible. A dehumidifier in the basement is a good idea. Allowing moisture to sit
and possibly form mold that spreads can be a health concern.


The Way To Know For Sure – Get Tested!


Ideally if you suspect mold has formed anywhere in your home, you should call a mold testing
service. We have been helping homeowners in Mahwah and all over Bergen County NJ resolve
mold issues for many years. We take pride in our professionalism and always stand by our
inspections and testing services. Don’t let heat, humidity and mold ruin a wonderful summer spent
having good times with family and friends. For certified mold testing in NJ call us at
(201) 658-8881 for an evaluation.