12 Oct 2023



Bubbling Paint Caused By Water In Mahwah NJ

Bubbling Paint Caused By Water In Mahwah NJ

Action Is Essential: Inspect and Test For Mold After Flooding

Experiencing a flood in your home can be devastating. You might even feel unable to figure out what to do, but swift action is needed and the faster the better! This is not only recommended for standard quality of living purposes but also because mold can begin to form after a flood in approximately 24 to 48 hours. Some homes are dried out quickly, and professionally. When it is done in that immediate 48-hour timeframe the home should be free of mold growth.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t happen like that very often. Mold growth can only be verified with Infrared Thermal Cameras and Moisture Meters. These tools are used by professionals to locate mold, and not just on the walls but under floors, behind walls including the insulation and framing – none of which is visible to the naked eye.

Mold Testing After A Flood

Infrared Camera - Used After Flood - Mahwah NJ

Mold Testing NJ-NY
is a professional certified Mold Inspection and Testing service based in Bergen County NJ and offering services to the surrounding NJ property and homeowners. The recent torrential rain that lasted for days was unusual and very trying for many people who had flooding where it had never occurred before. When severely elevated humidity is trapped it will promote the growth of mold on ceilings and sub-flooring.

We sometimes get calls months after a flood event from homeowners complaining that they feel ill, or they smell something that was not there prior to flooding. They can very possibly have mold growth and won’t know for sure until they have professional mold inspection and testing.  

In The Immediate You Can Help The Situation By Getting To Work!

24 – 48 hours is normally not enough time to get professional help, so it is important to get to work on drying out the home. Once the water level has subsided and it isMoisture Meter Test Mahwah NJ safe, remove everything that got wet. Whether the flooding was on a smaller scale or complete inundation, the importance of beginning the drying-out process cannot be overstated. Sump pumps, fans, and dehumidifiers are useful. Opening windows and doors gets air flowing and helps dry things out. After you’ve done all you can to remove wet items from the flooded area, a thorough inspection by a mold testing firm is recommended. If mold has started to form you will probably need professional remediation service.

Call On Mold Testing NJ-NY First! – We Have No Conflict Of Interest!

When you have experienced a flood in your home and moisture remains, call in a certified and licensed Mold Inspector to test the environment for mold growth. Mold forms quickly when there is a wet condition and a full mold inspection and testing is the only way to know if you have mold forming. Mold can be unsightly and itInfrared Reading For Mold Mahwah NJ sometimes has an odor. It can be a health hazard, causing allergic reactions and respiratory issues.

Mold Testing NJ-NY is always ready to help homeowners determine if they have mold growth. We test for mold, but we do not clean it up, so we have no conflict of interest when providing you with those important results. We will recommend remediation when necessary, but hopefully based on all of the above it won’t be. Mold Testing NJ-NY can be reached at (201) 658-8881.