13 Apr 2022

What Do We Mean By Indoor Air Quality?

Mahwah NJ Indoor Air Quality Inspection and Testing Services When we talk about Indoor Air Quality we are referring to the condition of the air that surrounds you and your family when in your home. Sometimes without us knowing it, the
air that we breathe is compromised. Mold Testing NJ-NY is a certified Indoor Air Quality testing service that checks for Volatile Organic Compounds, Mold-based Volatile Organic Compounds, Formaldehyde and Particulates. We provide a report that determines whether or not you require remediation, or to comfirm that your air is safe to breathe. We only inspect and test, we do not remediate. If we find that you need a clean-up we will recommend remediation. Our focus is always to keep the homes of our clients fresh and healthful. We suggest inspecting your NJ home for Indoor Air Quality.  


What Do We Look For?


When Mold Testing NJ-NY inspects your home for Indoor Air Quality, we look for:


Volatile Organic Compounds which are gases that rise from certain solids or liquids.
These can include various chemicals, some that present short term health problems,
others that present long term adverse and more serious health concerns. Mold Testing
routinely tests for VOCs.


Mold-based Volatile Organic Compounds rise from actively growing mold. The levels
of these gases need to be measured to determine whether there is active mold growth
in your home. Mold Testing routinely tests the air for MVOCs.


Formaldehyde is an organic air pollutant consisting of carbon, oxygen and hydrogen.
It is present in outdoor air, but when found indoors the concentration us usually
higher because of its sources. Mold Testing routinely tests for Formaldehyde.


These are a mixture of solid and liquid droplets floating on the air. Some are
released from a specific source, while others are formed by chemical reactions in
the atmosphere. Mold Testing will also routinely test for Particulates.


Why You Should Call Mold Testing NJ-NY To Test Your Air


You should call us because:

1. We are well reviewed by Bergen County and nearby area homeowners.

2. We can work around your schedule, whenever it is convenient for you.

3. When working with Mold Testing NJ-NY there is no conflict of interest. We only
     inspect and test the Indoor Air Quality of your home. We offer advice regarding
     options for clean-up, but we don’t do the work ourselves.


For A Healthy Environment In Your Living Space, IAQ Inspection Is Recommended


To keep the air in your home clean, toxin-free and healthy, Indoor Air Quality
inspection and testing are essential. A testing of the air in your home can make
you aware of pollutants lingering in your environment, which can lead to serious
illness. Call Mold Testing NJ-NY for an Indoor Air Quality inspection today. We
can be reached at (201) 658-8881.

Mold Testing NJ-NY is also certified to test Bergen County homes for Mold and Radon.
These are both concerns for the health of your family and should be inspected and
tested for regularly.