22 Sep 2022

Lead-Safe Testing – Lead-Based Paint Inspections

Mahwah NJ Lead-Safe Inspection and Testing Services

Mold Testing NJ-NY is a certified Lead-Based Paint Inspector. We have all the
required licenses and official certification from the U.S. Environmental Protection
Agency. We offer Lead-Safe Inspections and Testing to homeowners in Bergen County
NJ and nearby areas. The EPA has information regarding this issue on their website.


The Hazards Of Lead In The Air


Lead occurs naturally in our environment. It is used in commercial products like
gasoline, cosmetics, spices, pottery and paint. Lead can cause learning disabilities
and ADD (attention deficit disorder) problems in children. It can also be the cause
of speech and language problems, hearing damage, limited muscle and bone growth.
In the interest of avoiding these issues, a Lead-Safe Inspector such as Mold
Testing NJ-NY can determine the level of lead in your home’s atmosphere.

Generally lead-based paint is not a hazard if kept in good condition. It’s when
the paint gets cracked, chipped or deteriorates in some way that it turns into a
problem. Lead dust forms when the surface is damaged and it then enters the air.


Lead-Based Paint Inspection is Required in Some Cases


Under regulations enacted by the State of New Jersey, all single-family, two-family
and multiple-rental buildings must be inspected for lead. If lead-based paint is
found, the owners must clean it up. They also have to report tenant turnover to
the town, and provide documentation of the abatement to any subsequent owners of
the house. Dwellings erected after 1978 are exempt. Dwellings that have been
certified to be free of lead-based paint, and multiple rental dwellings registered
with the Department of Community Affairs for ten years and don’t have any out-
standing lead violations are also exempt. More detail about this is available
on the Department of Community Affairs website.


Lead-Safe Inspections and Testing


Mold Testing NJ-NY offers Lead-Safe Inspections and Testing with licensing
and certification in place. For lead paint inspection services call us at
(201) 658-8881. This is an environmental safety issue and Mold Testing NJ-NY
is here to offer Lead-Safe Testing in NJ.