15 Sep 2022

Can There Be Mold and VOCs In Newly Built Homes?

Mahwah NJ Mold and VOC Testing In New Construction


Sometimes when a house is built in a hurry, without taking the time to let
the foundation dry before building over it, moisture is trapped. This can
lead to the growth of mold. Sometimes new homes are sealed tight in the
interest of energy efficiency. This keeps the cold out and the heat in, but
it also can seal in mold. Air flow and good ventilation are always a priority.
New construction in NJ may have mold.


Mold Testing NJ-NY is a certified mold and VOC inspection and testing service.
This service is for all houses, including those newly constructed. For the
safety and well being of buyers of newly built homes as well as those that have stood
for a while, we offer Bergen County homeowners and home buyers, complete
Mold and Indoor Air Quality inspections.  New construction in NJ may have mold.


And VOCs?


VOC is short for Volatile Organic Compound and these can be emitted by building
materials as well as carpeting, flooring, carpentry and paint. New furniture,
cleaning products and personal care products may emit VOCs.

VOCs sometimes cause eye, nose and throat irritation and can also lead to more
serious conditions. The level of VOCs is greater directly after construction
is completed, and will probably dissipate over time. Good ventilation of newly
built homes is recommended to avoid any build up of VOCs. Avoiding products
with high VOC levels also helps. A bit of research will assist in knowing which
products have lower levels of VOCs.


Call In A Professional


Mold Testing NJ-NY recommends that you call in a Mold and VOC inspection and
testing service when moving into a newly built home. We are a certified Mold
and Indoor Air Quality inspection and testing company that serves Bergen County
NJ and surrounding areas. We are readily at your service to provide Mold and
Indoor Air Quality testing. We can be reached at (201) 658-8881. Your new, just
built house will be a more healthy and happy home in the future if you have it
inspected and tested now.