17 Oct 2018
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Is There a Difference Between Professional NJ Mold Testing and a Do-It-Yourself Mold Test Kit?

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It is natural for a homeowner to question whether there is a difference between a professional NJ mold testing service and a DIY mold test kit.  Do you need to hire a professional NJ mold tester or can you it yourself? Owning a home is expensive and not all tasks require a professional. However, when it comes to mold, the health of your home and your family are at stake. Knowing what needs to be done to preserve your health is essential. There is a clear difference between a professional Bergen County mold testing company and a Do-It-Yourself mold testing kit.

When Should I Test For Mold?

A mold test is a good idea after any flooding inside of a home. Mold loves to grow in damp conditions and getting a home completely dried out is not always easy. If you have seen pooling water anywhere in your home or have had leaky pipes or a hole in the roof this is also a good time to test.

What Is A DIY Mold Testing Kit?

A DIY mold testing kit is simple to use and will determine whether mold exists in your home. A typical homeowner may see visible mold or perhaps smell mold and want to see if mold is present in other rooms. A homeowner can purchase many kits and place them in every room, easily determining a positive or a negative.

If A Mold Testing Kit Is So Easy Why Not Use One?

There is no doubt that a DIY mold test kit is simple to use. The issue is that the DIY tests are well known for delivering false negatives and false positives. In either case, you will have a risk. Another issue with a DIY mold testing kit is that mold hides. Mold reproduces in the air and often hides in uncommon areas. If you in your home you may miss this invisible mold altogether. In addition, mold hides in walls, under floorboards, in fabrics, and under carpets. Hidden mold can be next to impossible for the average homeowner to test for on his own.

Why Choose A Professional New Jersey Mold Testing Service?

Ultimately a Bergen County NJ mold testing service like Mold Testing NJ LLC knows how to test, where to test, and how to evaluate the results. A professional knows where mold could be hiding. The expertise of a professional can ensure that you know if mold is present, what kind of mold is present, and the extent of the issue. All of this helps an NJ mold remediation company determine a course of action to eliminate the mold in your home.

Schedule A Professional NJ Mold Tester Today

Contact our team at Certified Mold Testing NJ LLC today. Our NJ mold testers are experienced, educated, and do a top-notch job. We welcome the opportunity to get you up to speed on the mold testing process and what to expect. Let our knowledge and experience serve as your guide to mold. And, we look forward to getting you comfortable with the difference between professional mold testing and a DIY mold test kit.