29 Sep 2018
NJ mold testing

When is it Necessary to Hire a New Jersey Mold Testing Service?

New Jersey mold testing service

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When is it necessary to hire a New Jersey mold testing service? This is a great question. Mold is common, after all, which means you may have seen mold a million times and never thought about having your home tested. However, there are times when testing is a good idea. Mold can hide and take over a home without notice. Therefore understanding when to call a company like Certified Mold NJ -NY LLC to test your NJ home for mold is helpful.

When Is It Time To Test For Mold?

If you have been smelling a musty odor in your home and have not pinpointed its origin it could very well be coming from mold. Also, if you have experienced flooding in your home it is important to have mold testing scheduled. Whether a pipe burst, your basement has pooling water after a rainfall, or you have a leaky roof, dampness creates a great environment for exponential mold growth. In addition, if you have seen mold growing in your home you might want to consider a test. Mold grows quickly and it reproduces invisibly through mold spores in the air. This invisible mold cannot be seen by the naked eye but can easily be inhaled.

Mold can cause health issues. If you or members of your family find yourself wheezing or have a cough that will not go away it could be caused by mold. Mold can just as easily affect the health of a home as well as its inhabitants. A certified Bergen County mold testing professional can help determine if mold exists in a home. And, if mold exists you will find out where it is hiding and just how much there is!

What If Mold Testing Reveals Mold?

Mold can affect the health of the structure of your home as well as the health of those living in your home. If an NJ mold inspection reveals mold you will want to take care of the issue immediately. This is done by a mold remediation company rather than the Mold Testing company in order to alleviate conflicts of interests. Once your home has been treated for mold, it is extremely important to schedule a post-remediation mold inspection to ensure that there is no dangerous mold lingering in your home.

Schedule NJ Mold Testing For Your Home Today

Contact our team at Certified Mold Testing today to schedule a Mahwah NJ mold testing professional to examine your home. If mold is hiding in your home you should know how widespread its presence is. Understanding when it is necessary to hire a New Jersey mold testing service is important. If you are uncertain give our team a call today, 201-658-8881, we look forward to answering all of your questions.