08 Oct 2019
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Professional Mold Testing Versus a Do-It-Yourself Mold Testing Kit

Professional NJ Mold Testing Bergen County NJ

Professional NJ mold testing versus a do-it-yourself mold testing kit, is there a difference? In short, yes! You may discover mold (or not) with a mold testing kit. However, the extent of the mold, the exact locations of mold and the specific types of mold may not be revealed.

A professional New Jersey Mold Testing Service not only knows the signs of mold, but exactly where and how to test a home for mold. What’s more, Certified Mold Testing brings advanced tools like an InfraRed Camera to look into the walls. 

DIY Mold Test Basics

A do-it-yourself mold testing kit is easy to use. The kit is typically used by a homeowner who suspects the presence of mold, but it may also be used by a home inspector. Most will purchase a few and place them in different rooms. The kit will give a simple positive or negative indication, which is great for the average Bergen County home, but it lacks pertinent information.

Professional NJ Mold Testing

A professional NJ mold testing service will go deeper in its’ test for mold. Mold is complicated in that it can be both visible or invisible. A professional service knows how to locate mold behind walls, under carpeting and in the ceiling. Furthermore, there are different types of mold which require different styles of testing, as well as (eventual) eradication.

A professional Bergen County mold testing service will locate and uncover various type(s), if any, of mold. It is important to point out that a home inspector is not necessarily a mold testing service. While a home inspector may say they test for mold, it is often more like a DIY than a professional mold testing service.

Why Opt For A Mold Testing Service?

While, on the one hand, a DIY mold testing kit is inexpensive and also pretty easy to use, the reality is that it may offer limited … even incomplete … information. Ultimately, a NJ mold testing service like Certified Mold Testing knows how to test, where to test and delivers a comprehensive evaluation for the results. If the health of a home is a concern it certainly proves wise to invest in the best evaluation possible.

What’s more, this report will assist both the homeowner and remediation company to focus on a clear course of action necessary to eradicate any mold.

Schedule Professional NJ Mold Testing Today!

Contact our team at Certified Mold Testing NJ LLC today to learn more about mold testing in your NJ home. Our experienced service holds itself to a high standard, ensuring you know the extent of mold issues present in your home. Let our knowledge and experience serve as your guide to mold. We look forward to getting you comfortable with the differences between professional NJ mold testing and a DIY mold test kit.