25 Oct 2022

Mahwah NJ Mold Growth in Winter

Mold In Your House In Winter


Although winter is the driest time of year in your house, you could still have mold growth happen. Moisture can be allowed to linger and cause mold. Winter precipitation can melt and drip and end up in walls, cabinets, the attic or the basement. You may not be aware of this moisture and it can produce mold because of neglect. Try to keep an eye on places where moisture could pool and provide the conditions for mold to form.  An inspection and test by Mold Testing NJ-NY can help prevent winter mold growth in NJ homes.


Prevent Inside Mold in Winter


Snow and ice can melt and drip into places where it hasn’t been a problem before. Humidifiers, heating systems and plumbing systems can leak water in areas of your home. Awareness is key, so try to keep an eye on possible wet spots. If you think you’ve had a water leak and it has led to mold growth, call a testing service such as Mold Testing NJ-NY for inspection. We are a certified mold testing service and can inspect and test for mold. We will advise remediation if deemed necessary. We do not offer removal, we only test for mold and other indoor pollutants, and can help prevent winter mold growth in NJ homes.


Year Round Vigilance For Moisture


Although moisture appears most often in warmer months, melting snow and ice can lead to moisture problems and mold growth in winter. If you think you may have mold growing in your Bergen County NJ or nearby area home, call a certified and experienced mold testing service such as Mold Testing NJ-NY. We will inspect and test for mold and recommend any further action if needed. For mold problems at any time of year call us at (201) 658-8881.