10 Oct 2017
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Difference between DIY Mold Test Kits and Professional Mold Testers

DIY Mold Test vs. Professsional Mold Testers | Certified Mold Testing NJ-NY LLC

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Many homeowners wonder whether there is a difference between DIY mold test kits and hiring professional mold testers in New Jersey or New York. The answer is simple. Yes. There is a difference between DIY mold test kits and hiring professional mold testers.

Mold is everywhere, including in our homes. You may see it most clearly in the caulking along a tub, for example. This mold wipes easily away. Simply remove it with a little Clorox and a sponge or rag. It is the extent of the presence of mold, what types of mold, and where the mold is located that is so important.

NJ mold testing services provide educated mold testers to evaluate your home and determine whether mold exists. During this process you will discover whether you have mold spores in the air, invisible to the naked eye and not so easy to test for on your own. Most importantly when a professional Bergen County mold tester tests your home for mold you will find out what type of mold exists, where it is coming from, and how you can eliminate it. Mold grows in moist environments but not all molds are created equal. Some will pose more of a health threat thanks others.

Issues with DIY mold test kits

An issue with DIY mold test kits is that they very well may collect mold spores but they are also notorious for delivering false negatives and false positives. Either result is a waste of time not to mention a risk. The other problem with DIY kits is that mold hides. It hides in walls and under carpets. Hidden mold may be next to impossible for the average homeowner to test for on his own. The end result is that a Bergen County NJ mold testing service like Mold Testing NJ – NY LLC knows how to test, where to test, and how to evaluate the results.

Learn more about mold testing

Contact our team at Certified Mold Testing today. Our NJ mold testers are experienced, educated, and do a top notch job.  We welcome the opportunity to get you up to speed on the mold testing process and what to expect. Let our knowledge and experience serve as your guide to mold. And, we look forward to getting you comfortable with the difference between DIY mold-testing kits and hiring professional mold testers.