29 Apr 2021

Heat And Moisture Can Cause Mold To Grow


Mahwah NJ Mold Testing ServiceWe are all well aware of our hot and humid New Jersey summers. These conditions are ideal for mold to grow. Any place in your home where moisture collects is potentially an area where mold will develop and spread. There are some ways you can prevent mold from forming. You can survive NJ summers and the spread of mold.


How Will You Know If You Have Mold?


Mold can be black, colored or sometimes not be visible at all. Sometimes mold does have an odor. Mold most commonly forms in laundry rooms, under and around refrigerators, around air conditioners and in bathrooms. Moisture is almost always found in those areas. When you see mold, you can try to clear it with bleach, but it could have spread and be invisible. Mold reproduces and the spores are not always visible. Hiring a mold testing service is the best way to determine if mold is present and how widespread it is. Mold Testing NJ-NY tests for mold and then recommends the best solution for dealing with it.


What Can Be Done To Prevent Mold?


You can certainly try to control the growth of mold by taking certain precautions. Never allow wet items such as bathing suits and towels, or other articles of clothing to lie in a heap on the floor. Hang them up so they can dry. Condensation forms around refrigerators and air conditioners. Keep an eye out for pools of water forming and wipe them up. A dehumidifier is helpful in humid places such as basements. Letting mold form and possibly spread can be a health hazard to your family.


For Best Results – Get Tested!


The ideal way to determine if you have a mold problem is to hire a mold testing service. Mold Testing NJ-NY has helped hundreds of Bergen County homeowners resolve mold issues. We take pride in our knowledge, experience and responsiveness. We can recommend the best way for you to get rid of mold. Another hot and humid NJ summer is fast approaching and so are the possibilities for mold to grow.  Call us today at (201) 658-8881 for an evaluation.