28 Feb 2023


Mahwah NJ Mold Testing Services

Basic Tips For Preventing Mold From Forming


Mold forms, grows and thrives in moist conditions. Limiting the moisture inside your home is essential to prevent mold from forming. Mold Testing NJ-NY provides Bergen County NJ and nearby area homeowners with expert mold detection and testing. When you suspect you might have a mold problem in your house you should call us for testing. But before that happens, here are some basic ways of possibly preventing mold from forming in your NJ home.


Plumbing, Air Conditioner and Humidifier


The plumbing in your home is a center of moisture collection and dampness. Checking under and around sinks, bathtubs and showers is a good beginning. Look under and behind the dishwasher and clothes washer regularly to make sure there are no leaks.

Humidifiers also leak moisture and should be checked periodically. The filters in your humidifier should be replaced, and the water collection container should be emptied and dried from time to time.

Some basements have water seeping in during rain storms. This is a condition that should be addressed and eliminated. Water will always try to find a way to seep in and it can not only cause mold to grow, but it can also undermine a house’s foundation. Door and window seals should also be keeping moisture out to prevent mold.



Call Us To Be Sure



Preventing mold from forming is a continuous chore. If you think there is mold forming anywhere in your home call Mold Testing NJ-NY for a full evaluation. We are a mold testing service, we do not remediate. We recommend removal if we find mold forming and spreading. Being aware of a mold problem is the first step toward eliminating it. We can be reached at (201) 658-8881.