21 Feb 2023

Mahwah NJ Mold and VOC Inspection and Testing Services

Can Mold and VOCs Form in Newly Built Homes?

When a house is constructed too rapidly, often the foundation doesn’t have sufficient time to dry and this can lead to trapped moisture. Many builders are on a schedule and move too fast. Trapped moisture can cause mold to form. When new homes are sealed tight in the interest of energy efficiency, it can seal in mold. Air flow and sufficient ventilation should always be a priority. Mold and VOCs can be found in new NJ construction.

Mold Testing NJ-NY is an experienced, certified Mold and VOC testing service. This service covers all homes, including newly built ones. For the safety and health of newly built homes and older ones, we offer Bergen County and nearby area homeowners and home buyers Mold and Indoor Air Quality inspections.


What About VOCs?


VOC stands for Volatile Organic Compounds. These can be emitted by building materials as well as carpeting, flooring, carpentry and paint. New furniture, cleaning products and personal care products also emit VOCs.

Volatile Organic Compounds can cause eye, nose and throat irritation and sometimes may lead to more serious conditions. The level of VOCs in a new home are greater after construction is completed and will probably dissipate over time. Good ventilation of newly built homes is essential to avoid any build up of VOCs. Doing a bit of research to learn which products have high VOC levels is recommended.


A Mold And VOC Inspection Is A Good Idea


Mold Testing NJ-NY recommends that you call upon the services of a Mold and VOC Inspection service before moving into a newly constructed home. We are a certified Mold and Indoor Air Quality Inspection and Testing Service. We serve Bergen County NJ and surrounding areas. Your new, recently built house will be a healthier and happier home in the future if you have a Mold and VOC Inspection now. Call us at (201) 658-8881.