17 Mar 2023


Mahwah NJ Using Bleach To Remove Mold

Can You Use Bleach To Clean Up Mold?


Yes, bleach can be used to clean up mold that is found on hard surfaces where you can see it. However, bleach can’t be used to clean drapery, rugs or upholstered furniture. You also cannot remove the invisible mold that floats in the air with bleach. It should be noted that bleach must be diluted and tested on a surface before trying to clean the mold found there. You can probably clean mold off countertops, floors and walls provided they are surfaces that can withstand the power of a bleach cleaning. Getting rid of some mold in your NJ home with bleach is possible.

The mold that is in the air can cause allergic reactions or illness. This type of mold, that is invisible and has no odor, can only be detected by testing for it. Mold Testing NJ-NY is a certified professional mold testing service that will do a series of tests, and if dangerous levels of mold are found, we will recommend remediation. Then you will need to hire a qualified mold removal service.


Are There Other Ways To Remove Mold?


Vinegar can also be used to remove mold from non-porous surfaces. Neither bleach nor vinegar can clean up the mold that is in the air.


Inspect, Test, And If Needed, Remediate


Mold Testing NJ-NY is experienced in mold detection and mold testing. We only test for mold, we do not remediate. If, after testing, your mold problem is at a dangerous level, we recommend elimination. If you suspect there is mold in your home, give us a call at (201) 658-8881 for comprehensive testing services.

Mold Testing NJ-NY is a highly recommended Mold and Indoor Air Quality testing service. We are also fully certified to test your premises for the presence of Radon, a colorless, odorless gas that can be harmful to your health.