21 Jul 2023


THOROUGH MOLD INSPECTIONS NJ Mahwah Bergen County NJNJ Mold Inspections Must Be Thorough!


Recently a local NJ homeowner and NJ home inspector were involved in a confrontation over NOT thoroughly identifying mold. Although the inspection agreement did, in fact, exclude ‘mold inspection,’ the inspector mentioned visible mold on his final inspection report.  Thorough mold inspections in NJ call for further investigation.

It is commonplace for a home inspector to require an agreement and fees for certain add-on inspection types (i.e. mold, lead paint, or indoor air quality.)  In this case, because invisible mold was later found to be present in the home, the client filed a claim against the inspector. An inspector’s insurance most likely does not cover claims regarding mold because it is considered a specialty area of coverage. It needs to be added to a standard Home Inspector policy, and it is likely that a mold certification is going to be required in order for this coverage to be added. The situation is one of many unusual mold issues facing the average NJ Home Inspector.

Mold Testing NJ-NY is primarily a mold inspection and testing service. Mold is our specialty and we have been working at it for many years. We provide thorough mold inspection and when found, the necessary testing. And regarding the situation mentioned above, home inspectors that are not certified to inspect and test for mold should avoid any mention of the issue during a standard home inspection. Better yet, recommend a certified and experienced mold inspection service! 


Look For Certified, Comprehensive And Professional Mold Testing Services


Mold Testing NJ-NY is the top mold inspection and testing service in the Bergen County NJ area. We serve all of Bergen County and other nearby locations. Although mold is our specialty, we also offer complete Indoor Air Quality inspections, Radon Inspections and Testing, and Lead Paint Inspection. For comprehensive and accurate Mold Inspection and Testing, call us today at (201) 658-8881.

The above is one of many unusual mold issues facing NJ Home Inspectors.  Look for more information regarding conscientious mold inspections and testing in NJ in coming months.