20 May 2022

NJ Summers And Mold Formation

Mahwah NJ Mold Testing For Mold Formation


The hot, humid weather of a NJ summer is fast approaching. We love the
warm weather, but heat and humidity can start mold growing in areas that
are left wet. Moisture left sitting is an ideal condition for mold to grow.
Mold Testing NJ-NY is a certified mold inspection and testing service for
NJ homeowners and we offer some tips on preventing mold formation in hot


How Can I Prevent Mold?



There are precautions you can take to control the growth of mold. Don’t
allow wet items like bathing suits and towels to lie in a pile on the floor.
Condensation forms around refrigerators and air conditioners. Keep an eye
on pools of water forming under them and wipe them up regularly. A way to
prevent humidity in the basement is a humidifier. After heavy rain, check
for puddles of water that mey have formed near windows and doors. Letting
moisture sit provides conditions for mold to form and grow, which can in
turn become a health hazard to your family. Keeping a watch for standing
moisture in your home is a proactive way to prevent mold formation in hot



Testing Is A Good Way To Know If You Have A Mold Problem



If you see or smell mold and believe you have a problem, a mold testing
service is the answer. Very often, it is the invisible mold that causes
the greatest concern. Mold Testing NJ-NY has helped many Bergen County
homeowners to resolve mold issues. We bring knowledge, experience and
quick responsiveness to your mold problem. Testing will determine if mold
is present and the extent of it. Mold Testing NJ-NY wants our NJ neighbors
to enjoy summer without the threat of health problems. We can be reached
at (201) 658-8881 for an appointment to test for mold in your home.