30 May 2022

Mahwah NJ Radon Testing Services

Is Radon Present In My Area?



Radon is present all over New Jersey. It is best to go to the EPA website and find
your zone. Zones help determine the level of Radon in a given location. Is Radon a
concern in NJ – yes it is.


What Is Radon?


Radon is a colorless, odorless gas that is present in most of NJ and can only be
detected by testing. Radon can cause allergy and illness. It is the 2nd leading
cause of lung cancer in the U.S., and other respiratory illnesses can also be the
result of exposure to Radon. Mold Testing NJ-NY is a certified Radon Testing Service
and serves Bergen County NJ and surrounding areas.


Radon Affects Your Indoor Air Quality


If the air in your home is polluted it can cause allergic reactions and illness.
Radon exposure may cause serious illness and sometimes even death if at too high a
level. Radon testing is a key part of Indoor Air Quality inspection. Mold Testing
NJ-NY offers comprehensive testing services to NJ homeowners to determine the quality
of the air they are breathing.


Follow EPA Recommendations


When buying a home, new or old, the Environmental Protection Agency recommends that
you have it tested for Radon. Testing for Mold, Radon and other pollutants is the
best way to ensure that the air you breathe is healthy for you and your family. This
type of inspection and testing requires specialized expertise and licensing. Not all
home inspectors are qualified to perform these tests. Mold Testing NJ-NY is a certified
Mold, Radon and Indoor Air Quality inspector.


Better Safe Than Sorry


If you are concerned about the health of the air you are breathing in our home, give
Mold Testing NJ-NY a call and make an appointment for inspection and testing. We offer
complete testing for Indoor Air Quality, including for Mold and Radon. We can be
reached at (201) 658-8881.