17 Jun 2022

Bergen County NJ Mold Testing

Mahwah NJ Mold Testing
If you detect the presence of mold in your home, either because you see it or smell it,
you should have your home tested for mold. Mold Testing NJ-NY can accurately inspect and
test for the presence of mold in your home. We are a certified NJ Mold Testing Service with
industry credentials and licenses.  Mold Testing NJ-NY offers mold testing services to
homeowners in Bergen County where we are located, but also Hudson County, Essex County,
Union County, Passaic County, Sussex County and more. 


How Do We Test For Mold?


We test samples of the air in your home. This is examined under a microscope to determine
whether or not there are mold spores. These mold spores found in the air are not visible
to the naked eye, so the microscope examination can reveal mold you can’t see.

We take samples from various surfaces in hour home, usually by swabbing and tape lifting.
These samples are then tested in a laboratory.

We perform “bulk testing” by taking larger samples such as portions of drywall, carpet, wood
trim or wallpaper. These are also tested in a laboratory.

Culture testing places mold cultures found in your home in a petri dish to allow it to grow.
This allows us to determine the type of mold and whether it is alive. Dead mold doesn’t
spread, but it can cause allergies and health problems. Live mold spreads and can also
result in illness.


If Mold Is Sighted, Get Tested!


At the first sight of mold, or the musty odor of mold, you should call a mold testing
service. Mold Testing NJ-NY makes use of modern strategies for finding and identifying
mold in your home, and this testing provides reliable results. We want you and your
family to live in a mold free, healthy home. Testing for mold and then re-testing after
remediation can ensure that the mold is gone. We only inspect and test for mold, we do
not remediate. We recommend removal if the concentration of mold in your home is above an
acceptable level. For a comprehensive mold inspection and test in Bergen County NJ and
surrounding areas call Mold Testing NJ-NY at (201) 658-8881.