13 Nov 2023


Mahwah Bergen County NJ Mold/IAQ Assessor

Having All The Necessary Mold Inspector | Mold Assessor Certifications


Mold Testing NJ-NY is a certified Mold and IAQ Inspection and Testing service located in Mahwah Bergen County, NJ. As Mold Assessor, we have helped many Bergen County property owners, as well as all of the nearby town neighbors, address their mold problems. We have the NORMI, which is the National Organization of Remediators and Microbial Inspectors,  certifications necessary to be your Mold/IAQ assessor!

This, along with proper certifications to inspect and test for Radon, and Lead Paint, give us the status to offer top-notch inspection services. Because we intend to lead in these areas of inspection, we also seek continued education in all the processes of mold inspection and mold testing. What’s more, we will never have a conflict of interest when it comes to your mold inspection and that is because we do NOT remediate mold


Did You Know … ?


According to a recent NORMI Facebook post, it is essential to tend to mold issues promptly upon discovering them. One must act with the proper steps for cleaning and maintenance. As soon as mold is found in your home, or even suspected of forming, cleanup is the best way to create a healthy indoor environment for you and your family. Exposure to mold can occur through inhalation or skin contact and can lead to health problems. Some people will have mild allergic reactions, but others who already suffer respiratory conditions such as asthma, could develop more serious issues. To learn more about mold and the possible health issues that can arise with exposure, visit normi.org.


Inspection And Testing Are Your Best Defense


Mold Testing NJ-NY is a certified Mold and IAQ assessor and serves the Bergen County NJ and nearby surrounding area with comprehensive inspection and testing for mold. We are fullycertified and have vast experience in this pursuit. If you suspect you may have a mold infestation in your home, call us at (201) 658-8881. We will report what we find to you, i.e. level of mold growth, type of mold, possibly recommend remediation. Cleaning moist areas of your home and maintaining a watchful eye for places where mold might form is up to you.